Adding Half Life TV On Your Server

Adding Half Life Tv on your server.

Let's get over installing Half Life Tv Over your server.

Below there are details steps on how to do it.

  1. Login on your control panel | |
  2. Click On "Game Services" Tab, and click on one of your servers you would like to install it.
  3. After you click on one of your servers, you can see some tools below your server information.
  4. Navigate to "Configuration Files" tool, and from there click on "Text Editor" for the server.cfg file.
  5. Scroll down and add the following lines to your config file:
    tv_enable 1 //Enable/Disable Half Life TV
    tv_name "Your Half Life tv name"
    tv_port 27018 //(default port)
    tv_delay 90 //(Source TV broadcast delay in seconds)
    tv_nochat 0 //( Disables other spectators chat lines )
    tv_maxclients 1 //(set the max number of spectators ingame 1-255)
  6. To fully enable hltv, make sure to open a suppor ticket so a staff can edit your command line, and enable htlv successfully.

Keep in mind that Half Life TV will use 1 slot of your server, so be sure to set your server to 9 slots if it is 10 slots, or create a support ticket asking for a free slot for hltv.
Otherwise you will get your server shut down because control panel, will detect your slots been increased by 1.

Connecting to your HLTV:

  • To watch a game via SourceTV, start Steam, and choose Servers from the Steam menu to open the server browser. Click to select the Spectate tab. You can narrow the list of servers by clicking Change filters and selected a specific game. After the list has been updated, double click on a server in the list you want to spectate and you'll be connected.

    If game leagues announce upcoming matches to be broadcast on SourceTV, they often provide IP addresses of their SourceTV servers (IP:Port). Instead of searching them via the server list, you can instead go to the Favorites tab and add the SourceTV address to your server list by pressing the right mouse button and choosing Add server by IP address. Alternatively, you can open the Source console window and use the connect command to spectate a certain game. For example:


    The default SourceTV port number is 27020, but may be changed. It should always be included in the given SourceTV IP address, since commonly this port number is different from the default game server port number 27015.

    When spectating a game that is broadcast via SourceTV, the camera position and camera mode is chosen either by the auto-director or a camera man. Spectators can't switch spectator modes or players to follow as they could do HLTV, this feature was removed to reduce network bandwidth significantly. SourceTV demos still allow to switch modes and free roaming while playback.

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